TDA7498 Class D Amplifier PCB Assembly

Today I have another Class D amplifier circuit, this amplifier is based on TDA7498 IC. TDA series is known for its high performance and good sound quality. You can say this IC is the king of Class D amplifiers.TDA7498 comes into two type of SMD packages. One is TDA7498-M which has a 100w mono channel output. Other one is stereo type which has a total output of 200watts.


This IC is easily available at online stores. I tried a lot of circuits and schematics and I found this one more accurate and stable among all. Then I prepared the circuit diagram according to the modified schematics in EasyEDA and download the PCB Gerber files. This files can be used to place the PCB/ SMT assembly order on any PCB manufacturer.


I am using JLCPCB SMT assembly service, JLCPCB is the leading PCB manufacturer provide service related to printed circuit boards. Which includes PCB designing, SMT assembly, Stencil service, PCBA and 3D printing. JLCPCB may be your next most reliable and one stop solution for circuit making.

SMT assembly:


It includes all the board assembly under standard and economic services. First, the PCB is made inside the JLCPCB factory, then all the components are gathered from LCSC after this the assembly and soldering of the components are done in another factory. After check all the files, boards and quality the final product is delivered to you. JLCPCB SMT assembly service is starting just from $8.

How to upload the assembly files to JLCPCB:

1) You need 3 files to make a SMT assembly order, Gerber for the PCB design, BOM (Bill of material) for the components cost, CPL(Pick and place file) for the proper alignment and soldering of the components.

2) Then go to JLCPCB, upload the Gerber file, it will automatically calculate the size of the board and layers.


3) Then you can select the PCB specs like, type of material, solder mask colour, type of silk screen and finishing quality.


4) Select the SMT assembly service and then upload other 2 files (BOM and CPL).


5) Select the components and then add the order into the cart.

My Video1.gif

6) Select the order from cart, choose the Delivering service, Checkout through Online payment method and get you assembled boards just in 7 days after manufacturing.

Review and Unboxing:

My Video.gif

The unboxing experience is quite good, Packing is way better than other manufacturers, JLCPCB provide the Boards in a soft foam package then covered with bubble wrap and then covered with polyethene and foam. Outer box is also coved with a thin polythene.

My Video2.gif

New services at JLCPCB:


JLCPCB just added one more capabilities into the service, which is known as Via-IN-Pad. And price of 6-layer PCBs are decreased to $20 from $100, this offer is valid till 5 January 2023. Now you can get ENIG finished 6-layer PCB with via in pad feature just in $20 for some days.


Sign-up from here and get $54 new user coupon. You can see the more details from official website On this Friday avail great discount coupons and order your PCB in low cost.

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