TDA2030 amplifier circuit

TDA2030 Amplifier Has Amazing Performance

Today I have TDA2030 amplifier project here to share with you guys. This IC is developed by ST microelectronics and TDA series is known for its high-fidelity sound experience. TDA2030 is very old and discontinued by ST but still available due to huge stock. Some other manufacturers also making the same but Original IC has better output and stable thermals. TDA2030 is very popular because of its outstanding features which offers 14w constant output to a 4-ohm load. There are many configurations TDA2030 IC may be applied in the circuits. Some of the circuit use 2.1 configuration in which 1 channel is for the subwoofer and other two for the stereo speakers.


Same goes up to 5.1 channel, One IC can be bridged easily with the other to double the output. It is an operational amplifier based integrated circuit so it needs dual power supply to work for better performance. And it is very easy to change the overall gain just by varying a resistor. It comes in a pentawatt package and offers Class AB amplifier operation. And dissipate less heat in comparison with transistor amplifiers that’s why implemented in most of factory-made home theaters. More details about the working principle are discussed in the official datasheet.


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Specs and features:

Wide-range supply voltage, up to 36 V

Single or split power supply

Short-circuit protection to ground

Thermal shutdown

Only original packages have these features, copied versions may be cheaper and have more tolerance to noise.

Components Required:


1) TDA2030

2) 22K and 680R resistors

3) 10uf and 100uf electrolytic capacitor

4) 100nf polyester film capacitors

5) In4007 diodes

6) External power supply

7) Custom PCB form JLCPCB

Circuit diagram:


I modify the circuit according to the schematics given in the datasheet. I want to keep the circuit small and symmetrical and stereo type. That’s why circuit doesn’t have its own power supply unit. The closed loop gain is set by 22k resistor from the inverting terminal to the output feedback.


I added two 10uf capacitor for the dc coupling of the audio signal and 100uf for the dc power lane stability. Other 100nf capacitors are used to lower down the distortion and noise, diodes are used to protect the IC from sudden spikes in the power lane.

PCB design and making:


Keeping the form factor in mine I designed the PCB in EasyEDA and exported files as Gerber. You can download the same Gerber files from here. I placed both the IC’s possibly far from each other and component placement is also symmetrical. So that they can dissipate heat to the large area without affecting the output. And components will not interface with one another. There are some PCB designing tips that you may follow during the PCB making given the datasheet.


I am using JLCPCB prototyping service for the PCB and I got these amazing looking boards in just $2. You can see the quality and compare them with other manufacturers. JLCPCB is the only reliable and one stop solution to all of your circuit requirements. SMT assembly service offered by them is very stable and easy to use follow this article to learn more about SMT services.

Soldering and component placement:


All the tracks are already done through the PCB now we just have to solder the components. I always go first with resistors and diodes. Because they are hard to mount if big components like capacitors are placed first. Then I soldered all the capacitors and then the main amplifier IC.

Mounting the heatsink:


This is a Class AB 14 watts amplifier which need a little big heatsink. No need of active cooling like CPU fan. Heatsink parameter are given by the manufacturer you can follow these. Or you can mount any small piece of aluminum metal and then manually check the temperatures on full load performance.

Amplifier demonstration:


Final amplifier look is very great, as mentioned earlier an external filtered dc dual power supply is needed. You can find one amplifier power supply from here. Check the YouTube video embedded here for the sound test.

This amplifier is working very good and you can really feel Hi-Fi performance of the TDA2030. There are some other ICs from same family like TDA2050 may support the same circuit. Which has a higher output power and low noise factor. Try JLCPCB services or quote now from here for the same PCB, Gerber files are shared above.

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