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Raspberry pi 4 Android Gaming performance

Well, gaming for some people is the task, we want to do on our smart devices. And today we will do some game test and run some google play store games on raspberry-pi 4. Also, we will know about Android installer and pair our raspberry pi with a big screen to play games. For now, we are going to test hill climb racing and clash of clans. In the next tutorial, we will go with Rockstar games, GTA vice city and san andreas.


Installing Android:

A very easy method, yet only limited system is available and which is from 3rdparty website named Konstakang. Here you will get list of all updated android system. After downloading we have to flash the android system in SD card.

Here is a great video by ETA prime YouTube channel, follow the instructions and get your hands on google play games and also on raspberry pi overclocking in a single video. Video is about download, installing, flashing, starting setup and installing google apps.

Specs of my raspberry pi system:


I am using raspberry pi 4 with 8gb of ram, CPU clocked to 2GHz and GPU to 600Mhz. I am using CPU cooler also, to maintain the overall temperatures low. All the setup is powered using 5v 5 ampere SMPS with type C cable. Additionally, there is a keyboard, mouse and gamepad connected to the setup.


Clash of clans:


Online gaming can be done easily on this small computer, we can make a separate account for google play games to do the stuff. Also, I experienced very smooth gaming experience on this panel of raspberry pi with 32-inch FHD monitor.

Hill climb racing:


High demanding offline titles are very playable, mostly all of them.


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Overall performance:


I installed browser and android apps to test along with games, YouTube can play videos on 1080p 30fps very easily without any frame drop. When coming to the browsing, this can download stuff and can handle easily.

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