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Hello guys, This is a review article and here I have a new Andonstar Digital AD210 microscope. We all come from an electronics background, or having a little interest in electronics. Electronics components and devices are scaling down day by day, nowadays the smallest possible 0201 package resistor available in the market has dimension 0.6-0.3mm.


Working with these small components, repairing and troubleshooting is very hard without proper gadgets. Using a simple microscope you check some solder joints, inspect the board and components. But most of the available microscopes do not have an on screen display. We have to buy a separate monitor and then connect it, which makes the workshops very messy. That’s how I got my hands on the Andonstar AD210 microscope.

Simple Microscope vs digital screen microscope:

I prefer these digital microscopes because they are easy to assemble and plug-play options are available. We don’t need to install any software/ extra setup. Secondly they consume very less power and provide equally same quality output. I have been using this microscope for about a month and my honest review with the installation video is here. Let’s explore the micro world of electronics through this microscope.

AD210 microscope Features:


I recorded the video and samples are given in the attached file. This microscope is capable of capturing 2hrs with 32GB SD card memory. It comes with manual button switches and IR remote controls. You can take screenshots, control brightness, contrast, freeze screen, control resolution, color accuracy and optical zoom through remote.

  • It has 1080P FHD, a large 10.1” IPS display with 12MP photo capture.
  • Comes with 4x optical and 260x microscopic zoom.
  • Ultra stable metal stand with 1cm to 26cm adjustable working distance.
  • Made to inspect SMD electronics and biological samples.
  • 1080P FHD video recording and screenshot option available.
  • Maximum Supported SD card -32GB (FAT, FAT32).
  • Power consumption -10 Watts.
  • High intensity led lights, camera ring light.

Package includes:


In the package there is one microscope screen with camera mounted on it, power adapter, power cable, stand, stand lights, base stand, base stand light panel, sample slides, remote, SD card, SD card reader, screws and mounts.


Some biologic samples like pine stem, honeybee wing are provided to examine the full capabilities. And this sample kit is good to go for the first review, but I also include some electronics stuff here. So the package includes almost everything which is required to inspect any biological and electronic sample.

Remote controls:


The remote quality is quite good, this microscope has a IR receiver sensor. So we can control all the Menu settings from remote and it works on dual cell AAA battery.

  • Video capture (1080p FHD)
  • In video Screenshot capture
  • Freeze screen
  • Brightness control
  • Optical zoom control
  • Contrast control
  • Black/white and color adjustments.

AD210 microscope Biologic Samples:


It comes with 260x max zoom and 4x optical zoom which makes it very easy to examine the biological samples. Yet the microorganisms are not visible, this microscope is made for outer layer inspection of small organisms and plants. In the given samples we have Bee eye, wing, pine stem and onion layer sample. You can see the full Youtube video attached above.


For the slide based biologic sample inspection, in the box you will find a separate light which magnifies the images a little bit and it will become easy to see the sample with this light at bottom. This will help to realize the proper color and helps to enchance the minor details in sample.


AD210 microscope Electronic Samples:


I inspected my latest PCB that I got from JLCPCB. JLCPCB provides the best and reliable PCB manufacturing service for just $2 for 5pcs. Before this microscope it was very difficult to say which PCB manufacturer is good but now I can see every single detail of the silkscreen and solder mask. Even the tracks under the solder mask can be clearly seen through this microscope.


It is not only about the PCBs and tracks inspection, in electronics work there are a lot of small ICs and components, on which names and serial numbers are written which are very difficult to read. While doing repairing or troubleshooting any electronics sample this device may help realize the serial number so that we can search online for their datasheet faster and improves the overall work efficiency.

Why AD210 microscope:


This is just an entry level yet great microscope for electronics hobbyists. You may go with the better version which comes with 2160p max Resolution AD409 PRO. With that microscope you can record amazing 4K videos and have ultra zooming mode. but for electronics inspection and repairing this AD210 can also do the fine job. This AD210 preferably provides a good price to performance ratio. Sign-up using this link and to avail best offers and coupons on JLCPCB.

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